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Why We Only Make Patches ?

– A patch can be used to simplify the process of cracking. Cracks can be fishy, since anyone can misuse the crack file to infect others, Patches on the other side, frequently contains information on what it is (such as what it's for, how to use it, group's name, the cracker who made it, information on the "target file", etc). A patch is a separate program that is applied to an installed application to make a cracked file (EXE, DLL, etc). With a patch you can make a crack, Also it doesn't allow people to extract the cracked file from the Patch which makes Patches very much safer than cracks. Pirates who make patches will never infect people, Cause it will cost them their reputation which is the only thing they possess, patches will use the cracked file hidden inside itself and paste it in the installation directory of the program you want to click itself, just by clicking the “Patch” button in most cases.

Original Post by : Guidoz, h4xx0r | Edited by Ahmad Theghost

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How Do We Do it ?

– Well, We will not tell  you exactly how we crack the program but we will tell you the process in our team, First "Raman Theghost" chooses a program and begin to crack it "If He Can" Which he will do it mostly by hex or by programs like W32Dasm8 & Hiew, Then "Ahmad Theghost" makes the patch, Which he will put the (cracked file or Code) in the patch "All in VB or C++ codes" by "Visual Studio", And it could be the license Information in "save mode" which it will not be change and then there is "active mode" which the user of the patch will put any thing they like in the license information field known as "Text Box", Basically we do that only to help you out and put all the hard work in one simple Button

Posted By : Ahmad Theghost, Raman Theghost

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